Water speculators meet stiff resistance from the Law Center

Multinational corporations are working across the world to speculate in and privatize water supplies; despite strong laws and policies preventing speculation in New Mexico, water rights developers are eying our aquifers with a focus on profit.

But they’re having a tough time succeeding with the Law Center in their way.

Case in point: last month, Staff Attorney Jon Block and volunteer attorney Paul Hultin asked a state District Court to throw out a water grab case in the East Mountains of Albuquerque.

Aquifer Science, LLC, seeks hundreds of acre-feet of water for a dubious luxury development in the East Mountains; it filed the case after the State Engineer denied its application for water on the grounds that there is no water left in the basin to be appropriated. In response to our Motion for Summary Judgment, the company hastily took the odd step of asking the Court to allow it to amend its application to address fatal problems brought to light by our legal team; we have opposed that move on the grounds that it is strictly disallowed by the appellate process. Visit case page.

If you want to see how water rights developers are attempting to wriggle their way into our state using shell corporations and creative planning, it’s a good read. You can find it here.