Answering community questions.
Hearing community stories.
Putting it in layman’s terms.
Standing up to legislators.
Guarding the public process.
Putting community goals first.

New Mexico Environmental Law Center

is a non profit, public interest law firm that provides free and low-cost legal services on environmental matters throughout New Mexico. Founded in 1987, the Law Center works with clients — often individuals, neighborhood associations, environmental organizations, Tribes and Pueblos — seeking to protect the environment.

The New Mexico Environmental Law Center’s mission

is to protect New Mexico’s communities and their air, land and water in the fight for environmental justice. The Law Center’s effective legal advocacy and representation on environmental and environmental justice issues will protect New Mexico’s communities and cultures, and ensure clean air, land and water for all. The work of the Law Center is made possible by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, business, foundations and limited earned income.

Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

Principles of Environmental Justice