Can you imagine life without clean water?
Like many New Mexicans, we know that groundwater is the most precious resource in our arid state – a resource that we cannot afford to squander or pollute. But unfortunately that is exactly what corporate and government interests in our state are doing.

This reckless disregard for our state’s groundwater, coupled with the impact of global warming, is rapidly moving us toward a crisis situation! 

Here at the Law Center, we are especially concerned because 80-90% of New Mexicans rely on groundwater for their drinking water.  And once groundwater is polluted, it is extremely difficult and costly to clean up!  Accordingly, over 70% of the casework we do is focused on protecting the quantity and quality of our state’s groundwater.

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We can’t afford to wait!  New Mexico is at a precedent-setting crossroads for water policy; decisions made today will determine whether or not private corporations are given control over vast swaths of our state’s public waters.  If that happens, it will lead to increasing water poverty in our cities, and irreparable damage to our state’s rural communities and local agriculture.
What would your life look like without adequate, clean water?
With your support, the Law Center is working to make sure that you never have to answer this daunting question.

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Why We’re Raising Money Now

Environmental justice work remains as critical as ever, even during this disruptive time. You may have read that the EPA suspended enforcement of vital environmental regulations that protect our air, land, and water. As a result, people in communities who have lived for decades with debilitating air and water pollution face an even greater risk of severe health issues.

NMELC is working hard to protect vulnerable communities. We are on the legal front line fighting to not only keep environmental regulations, but to make them even stronger. It is because of your generosity that we can keep up the fight. Now, maybe more than ever, we need your support to fight the very long court battles ahead.