A charitable gift made through a will or other estate plan provides a critical source of financial support for the Law Center, helping ensure that we can advocate effectively for communities and the environment for many years to come.

With our 30th anniversary year under our belt, the New Mexico Environmental Law Center has notched many environmental and community victories. Since our founding in 1987, the need we address – to protect New Mexico’s natural resources and communities – has not lessened. Some cases remain active decades after they’ve begun, and we continue to fight to prevent degradation and contamination of air, land and water and defend against threats to community health. Long-term gift planning is critical to our forward-thinking vision.

You may choose to give a gift through your will because:

  • you feel you can make a larger gift down the road than you can make today
  • you want to continue to make a difference to the Law Center’s work far beyond your lifetime

Join the Meiklejohn Legacy Circle

The Meiklejohn Legacy Circle includes all supporters who provide for the Law Center in their wills or other estate plans.  A gift planned now to be realized after your lifetime can establish your legacy well into the future. You can earmark a gift for a specific program area, or allow the Law Center to allocate it where it is most needed. In either case, such a gift will help ensure that the Law Center can field a legal team and support staff to continue protecting New Mexico’s air, water, land and ways of life for as long as such work is needed.

There are many ways to make a planned gift. Bequests are the simplest and most common form, and can be stated as a specific dollar amount, a percentage of assets, or the residual of an estate. Cash or certain other tangible assets can also be transferred through a retirement plan, life insurance, or a charitable trust. Some giving options, such as charitable trusts, can also provide income during your lifetime to you or a loved one. Please talk with your attorney or tax adviser to review options that will offer the most beneficial scenario for you.

No gift is too small; every gift makes a difference! Thank you for helping ensure that the Law Center and its work to protect New Mexico’s resources and its people will continue.

For further information on ways to make a legacy gift, please contact:

Dr. Virginia Necochea, Executive Director
New Mexico Environmental Law Center
1405 Luisa Street, Suite 5
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 989-9022, ext 120

Thank you for making the Law Center’s work possible!