From Tina Deines, Bitterroot Magazine:

“Across the West, communities of color — four in five San Jose residents are Hispanic — suffer disproportionately from the output of polluting industries, and are more likely to live near Superfund sites and other places detrimental to their health. Without the resources to hire lawyers, lobby officials, or attend hearings en masse, these neighborhoods rely on passionate community members like [Esther] Abeyta to speak on their behalf.

“It’s a daunting task for an individual to shoulder. Abeyta has had her share of victories, but at times is exasperated by the seeming onslaught of battles she must wage simply for clean air and water. “We’re an environmental justice community,” she said, “but there’s no justice for us.” [Read More …]

The Law Center provides assistance to Esther Abeyta and her husband Steven.