NMELC is One of 10 Nonprofits in the State to be Selected

For Immediate Release

Thursday, March 21, 2024

ALBUQUERQUE—Mackenzie Scott’s charity, Yield Giving, announced this week that New Mexico Environmental Law Center was selected among thousands of organizations across the nation to receive a gift of $2 million from the Yield Giving Open Call. 

“Receiving this transformative gift is a testament to the power of movement lawyering – lawyering focused on systemic change and in collaboration with our frontline clients and communities most impacted by environmental injustices,” said NMELC Executive Director Dr. Virginia Necochea. “It is a testament to our organization’s steadfast commitment to working alongside our clients and their families in our collective fight for clean air, land, and water and in advancing environmental justice across the state of New Mexico.”

“This beautiful gift will allow our organization to take a collective breath for the first time in years and spend much needed time reflecting on how we will continue to advance our work in a manner that reflects our commitment to equity, social justice, to New Mexico, and to the strong protection of our sacred Mother Earth,” Necochea continued.

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