Speaking with One Voice

April 7, 2024

By Linda Pentz Gunter, Beyond Nuclear International

Tribes call for cleanup, remediation and an end to uranium mining and milling

They were there to tell their stories. The contamination of air, land and water. The sicknesses. The displacement. The loss of community, culture and language. The deprivation of fundamental human rights. And they spoke with one voice in their plea for justice, the voice of Indigenous peoples in the United States and their lived experience of uranium mines and mills. …

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Judge Denies Pumping of Water from the San Agustin Basin

April 5, 2024 

by Jessica Carranza Pino

El Defensor Chieftain

Judge Roscoe Woods, Seventh Judicial District Court Judge, denied the application from the Augustin Plains Ranch LLC to pump 54,000 acre feet of water a year from the San Agustin Plains basin at the Catron County Court house this morning, April 5, in Reserve, New Mexico.

There was standing room only with over one hundred people present at the hearing in protest as lawyers shared their arguments for almost five hours. …

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Federal Government Must Halt New Uranium Mining and Clean up the 500-plus Abandoned Mines

March 24, 2024

By Eric Jantz, Allbuquerque resident and Teracita Keyanna, Gallup resident

They look like small mesas — indistinguishable, really, from the buttes and juniper-dotted hills that are common features on New Mexico’s landscape.

Rather than being part of a landscape that reflects the ebb and flow that millennia of seasons have sculpted into the Earth, however, these mounds of uranium mining waste are obelisks memorializing the point at which humanity completely divested itself of its moral compass and put its faith in the destructive power of the atom. …

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MacKenzie Scott Donates $20 Million to New Mexico Nonprofits

March 21, 2024

By Griffin Rushton, KOB TV 4

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has awarded 10 New Mexico organizations a total of $20 million through her Yield Giving foundation. …

For the folks at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, $2 million is keeping their fight alive.

“I literally was just in disbelief, and in tears, or just feeling some of that weight being lifted off my shoulders,” said Virginia Necochea, executive director of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center. …

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