NMELC Staff Publications

Racial Justice in New Mexico: A Call to Action for Foundations and Philanthropy

Written by Dr. Virginia Necochea, Kalli Consulting Services, LLC
on behalf of the McCune Charitable Foundation.

Several decades after the Civil Rights movement,
we still find ourselves in a historic moment
demanding that the nation address and rectify a
legacy of historic racism that continues to plague
all sectors of society.

The purpose of this project was to capture the
voices of various leaders who have dedicated their
lives to dismantling and disrupting racial inequities
across different sectors of society in the state of
New Mexico, with a major focus of work taking
place in the City of Albuquerque. Interviews
focused especially on the nonprofit sector with
a particular focus on how foundations and
philanthropy could best support continued equity

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City of Albuquerque: Culture Change Progress Report

Prepared by Dr. Virginia Necochea and Giovanna Burrell



Mayor Tim Keller established Albuquerque’s Office of Equity and Inclusion in March 2018 in order to inspire and equip City government to become a role model of racial equity and social justice.

In doing so, the Office contracted with Dr. Virginia Necochea, who faciliated learning opportunities with multiple community trainers including: Anti-Racist Youth Leadership Institute, New Mexico Asian Family Center, Islamic Center of New Mexico, Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Valley Community Interpreters, and others. Since 2018, City employees have been participating in Undoing-Racism workshops and equity and inclusion training programs to change the culture within City of Albuquerque government and to provide City employees with monthly learning opportunities.


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