Representing community.

Guarding the public process.

Putting it in layman’s terms.

Answering community questions.

Hearing community stories.

Taking the fight farther.

Standing up to legislators.

Putting community goals first.

Our Clients:

“We see you as being instrumental in holding mining companies’ feet to the fire in terms of environmental accountability.”

Rachel Conn

Amigos Bravos

“The Law Center is invaluable in protecting our environment and environmental laws…We greatly appreciate what the Law Center has helped do in the Southwest.”

Allyson Siwik

Gila Resources Information Project

“It’s about time someone in a position of power called out the Commissioners…who disrespect us, mislead us, and step over us on behalf of the developers.”

Roberto Roibal

SouthWest Organizing Project

Coalition for Healthy & Resilient Youth

Hillsboro Community Members

Hillsboro Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Assoc

Honor Our Pueblo Existence (HOPE)

Mariano Lake Citizens

Mountain View Community Action

North 14 forum, Inc.

Red Water Pond Community Association

Tewa Women United (TWU)