Case Work: Water

Surface and Groundwater Quality Protection Regulation Amendments

LOCATION: Statewide
CLIENTS/PARTNERS: Amigos Bravos and Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP)
OPPOSING PARTIES: New Mexico Environment Department
STATUS:  Closed


The Martinez Administration’s Environment Department proposed numerous changes to the state’s surface water and groundwater quality regulations, some of which weaken protections and reduce or eliminate prior public notice and effective public participation. The New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) held a 4-day hearing on NMED’s proposed changes in November 2017 and met in May, July, and August 2018 to decide which changes it would accept. The Law Center has filed a Notice of Appeal.


09/10/2018 – The Law Center filed our Docketing Statement with the Court of Appeals, outlining the basis for our appeal of the Water Quality Control Commission’s approval of a new variance rule.

02/16/2018 – The Law Center filed our Proposed Statement of Reasons in opposition to NMED’s proposal to remove the current five-year variance limit and other changes to the current Alternative Abatement Standards regulations

09/11/2017 – The Law Center filed a Notice of Intent to present technical testimony at the hearing, including the pre-filed technical testimony of our technical expert, Kathy J. Martin, PE.

** For documents not listed above, see the Water Quality Control Commission’s Pleadings Log for this case, WQCC 17-03 (R), where all the parties’ filings are stored. **